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City of Richmond Kentucky Public Records Guidelines from Chapter 39 in Code of Ordinances

Please complete the below form for a submitted Open Records Request to the City Clerk office.  Once received the clerk will send a response and begin to process.

If you are requesting on behalf of Commercial Use, you’ll need to file a Certified Statement Kentucky Revised Statutes §61.874 (4)(b).  Kentucky Revised Statutes §61.874(4)(c) provides, in addition, that the City is entitled to charge a fee when records are requested which will be used for a commercial purpose, a fee which will include the cost to the City of mechanical processing and staff time required to locate, produce, and copy the public records in question, together with the cost to the City of the creation, purchase, or other acquisition of the public records.


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I do hereby request to inspect the following public records in accordance to KRS 61.884 which allows for the inspection of public records upon written application.

Please utilize the online portal (see button below) for applications. However if you require a paper application or form, please go to our Forms page.

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