Licensing Division

The License Division is responsible for the registration and issuance of all necessary licensing for businesses and individuals completing work within the City of Richmond.

Every person or business entity engaged in any business activity within the city limits shall be required to obtain a business license from the City of Richmond (even if the only activity is an employee working from home or only one job is being completed by out of state contractors) (Ord. 14-30).

To apply for a business license, please select any option on the website for online submittal. If you still need help applying for a license, please read this document, or call 859-625-6404

Occupational License Fees and Local Tax Requirements

Every person or business entity engaged in any business for profit and any person or business entity shall be required to file and pay to the City an occupational license tax for the privilege of engaging in such activities within the City (Ord. 14-30).

Please contact the City of Richmond Finance Department at 859-623-1000 or visit, for more information regarding occupational tax liabilities.

Online Submission Portal

The City of Richmond is pleased to offer a Citizen Portal for our citizens, businesses, and visitors to access government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, if you require a paper application or form, please click here; you will also find informational brochures for your use.

Please use the button below to submit applications online:

Online Submission Portal