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Plat Details

All items in this section are subject to change without notice.

Plat Certificates

This is a list of the typical and most common used certificates and signature lines used on plats submitted to the Planning and Zoning Office.

Plan Submittal Checklists

Please review these checklists when submitting a plan to the City of Richmond.

Plan Submittal Checklists

Plat Details

These are the typical approved construction details for development in the City of Richmond. Use the CAD Details button to access approved details in auto cad .dwg format. These details were last updated 08-01-08. It is the responsibility of the engineering firm or surveyor to use the most recent city approved details.

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Ordinances & Quicklinks

This ordinance is designed to guide land use management together with land division and development decisions in the City of Richmond, Kentucky as a means of implementing the city’s Comprehensive Plan. It is the desire of the City of Richmond and the Richmond Planning Commission that the use of this document will facilitate the orderly development of the city in the future.

Development Ordinance

Our communities are constantly changing and shifting. As we look into the future, we can choose to merely react to change or anticipate and direct the changes that occur. When we engage in a comprehensive planning process, the community is both responding to changes that have occurred and planning for changes that will likely occur in the future.

Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance Adopting the Comprehensive Plan

The continuing growth and development in the City of Richmond has generated the need to expand and update many of the city’s regulations over the past few years. The Comprehensive Plan outlined many of the near-term and long-term goals to provide better services to the citizens of Richmond. This manual expands and updates the City of Richmond transportation regulations, both for new development as well as a tool to guide government-funded infrastructure improvements.

Model Access and Roadway Manual

The quick links below will direct you to other government sites that can help answer some of the more commonly asked questions that are outside of the city’s jurisdiction.

  • U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES)
    This section contains technical and regulatory information about the NPDES stormwater program. It is organized according to the three types of regulated stormwater discharges: Municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), construction activities, and industrial activities. It also provides links to general stormwater topics and tools available.
  • The Kentucky State Division of Water
    The Division of Water (DOW) reviews and approves permit applications for stormwater point source discharges. This includes stormwater runoff associated with industrial activity, construction activities and stormwater runoff associated with industrial activity, construction activities, and stormwater runoff from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s).
  • American Planning Association
    The American Planning Association has information on city and community planning practices.
  • The Kentucky State Division of Highway Design
    The Division of Highways has additional links to state projects, drainage, pavement design, and more information concerning state highways.
  • The Kentucky State District 7 Office
  • The Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers
    The Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers (KAMM) was formed in order to promote natural hazard mitigation and management in Kentucky. Our members represent local floodplain coordinators, planning and zoning officials, engineers, surveyors, GIS specialists, hydrologists, public and emergency managers.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    On the FEMA site you can find links to disaster assistance, flood maps, and much more.